“Welcome to G.L.O.M., Where Recovery Can Happen!”

“Welcome to G.L.O.M., Where Recovery Can Happen!”

"Welcome to GLOM, Where Recovery Can Happen"

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Welcome to GLOM

G.L.O.M. Substance Abuse Programs Inc. was founded with the intent of helping people throughout California to reach sustainable recovery. In doing so we can help lessen the impact to all people that suffer because of substance use, abuse and addiction.

GLOM Staff Appreciation Day

Our recent Staff Appreciation event was a resounding success, fostering a culture of gratitude and recognition within GLOM. Employees felt valued and appreciated as they were acknowledged for their hard work and dedication. The event provided an opportunity for team building, boosting morale, and enhancing overall job satisfaction. Check out our video highlighting this event.

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We can help 
the drug addicted.
the alcoholic.

Our history of support is rooted in service. We believe that the first step of providing treatment in any avenue of RECOVERY is support.
Through individualized support and a client-centered approach, every individual has the opportunity to reach sustainable recovery.

Why engage with GLOM?

GLOM SAP offers an integrated residential treatment program for those struggling with substance use disorders. Our program is person-centered. Ours is an approach to determine, plan for, and work towards the preferred future of participants in our program. Person-centered planning is a framework for making decisions and will be based on the awareness of and sensitivity to the lifestyles and cultural background of each participant. Our program is designed to help guide and support people within all levels of substance use disorders.

The GLOM Way...

Our person-centered approach focuses on the individuals’ strengths and capabilities. Considering the whole person and utilizing a humanistic element allows each person to feel cared for and comfortable all while receiving the services that enable them to self-actualize during the recovery phases. G.L.O.M. SAP provides a new and welcoming environment with many supportive resources.
Depressed woman having a counseling session

Residential Treatment Programs

Our Residential treatment programs can last a maximum of 30 days.

Group therapy

Recovery Based Services

Participants benefit from having a “Supportive Recovery Community” in a residential treatment program.

Our impact on the community

We support people in their journey to recovery from substance use and help them reconnect with their loved ones, their communities, and their true selves.

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us change our communities!

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