“Welcome to G.L.O.M., Where Recovery Can Happen!”

“Welcome to G.L.O.M., Where Recovery Can Happen!”

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Giving Tuesday at GLOM

You are the Change that our communities are waiting for. Here is how your change makes a difference at GLOM.

We take individuals and lead them down a “Pathway to Wellness”. We are equipping them with tools needed to become who they are and always wanted to be. 

We have all taken detours in life and needed to get help and directions to get back on the road to our final destination.

At GLOM our team of caring counselors, case managers, and therapists, are using all that they know and have to ensure we help our residents return to their families and communities and become what they needed for someone else.

Join us in the movement to solve California’s biggest issues – homelessness and mental illness.

Be the Change and Provide Change

Because it doesn’t and it shouldn’t be this way…..

Join our movement in changing California, One Community at A Time

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